How To Increase Penis Blood Flow The Natural Way?

increase penis blood flow

Having difficulty keeping your erections up?

Are your erections weak, soft, and brief long lasting?

Prior to you buy a bundle and go of those well-known little blue tablets, I recommend you discover and attempt ways to increase blood circulation to the penis naturally.

How To Increase Penis Blood Flow The Natural Way?


Well, for something, all that Viagra, Cialis and other tablets do is boost blood circulation to the penis, they just do it in an abnormal, possibly risky method.

And, second of all, if you enhance your penile blood circulation naturally you’ll have much better, more powerful, more long lasting erections.

Sounds great?

It does?

Great, let’s continue then.

The issue with Viagra is that it does not really increase blood circulation. All it does is open up your arteries, synthetically.

An unknown truth is that Viagra was not really to treat impotence. Scientists were studying ways to treat angina (no, not vaginal area), which is a heart disease that avoids blood circulation to the heart by restricting the capillary around the heart.

Researchers were searching for a tablet that opens capillary. They discovered their service in Viagra, however they likewise discovered that their guinea pig were walking with big boners.

A wise researcher (who wished to make a great deal of cash) recommended they offer Viagra as an erection tablet, and they went on to make countless dollars.

This is all great in well, however it’s clear to see why Viagra is simply a band-aid service. It works to synthetically open your capillary, not enhance your flow system.

You’ll end up being reliant on it for getting erections if you utilize Viagra. This is certainly bothersome. Rather, we’ll concentrate on enhancing penis blood circulation naturally.

To increase your penile blood circulation, you’ll have to enhance your nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is a particle that improves blood flow in your whole body and makes it much easier to obtain more blood to your penis (and other body parts).

Increase your nitric oxide levels

Attempt Some Workout

Being excellent for you in general, workout is likewise terrific in improving your nitric oxide levels.

Basically every kind of workout will increase your NO levels, from strolling to raising weights in the health club and whatever between.

I’m a huge fan of strength training. Not just are you growing, more powerful and improving your nitric oxide, you are likewise increasing your testosterone levels, which is among the most essential hormonal agents in the male body.

Whether you raise weights or do cardio, the most crucial objective is to obtain your heart racing. Exercising your heart throughout training will increase blood circulation throughout activity and hours after, so any work you achieve at the health club will equate over in the bed room.

Consume the Right Foods

The incorrect foods influence your arteries and make it difficult for you to obtain adequate blood to your penis to preserve a strong erection.

The ideal foods improve your NO levels and dilate your capillary, implying more blood can be pumped into your penis. That leads to rock-hard erections that last relatively permanently.

Exactly what are the finest nitric oxide foods?

Here’s a list:


Appears like Popeye was.

increase penis blood flowNot just is spinach among the leading nitric oxide foods, it is likewise among the very best foods when it pertains to increasing testosterone levels – so it loads a double punch.

Now, the only issue is that some individuals do not like the taste and the idea of consuming a pound of spinach a day makes them sick.

Here’s a fast method to handle that: Do not simply consume spinach. Drink it.

Or, in easy terms, purchase a juicer and juice spinach with some other scrumptious veggies. It’s a lot easier (and more delicious) option.

How to increase blood flow to pennis naturally?


Dark Chocolate

Here’s something so you do not believe that every nitric oxide food needs to taste terrible.

Be mindful when purchasing dark chocolate. You’ll wish to get the top quality cacao– not the inexpensive, processed crap they primarily offer in grocery stores.

And do not eat way too much the chocolate, too. The point isn’t really to things yourself complete; it’s to consume simply enough (as a dessert) to improve your nitric oxide levels.


This is yet another superfood that improves nitric oxide AND testosterone levels at the exact same time.

Be cautious. Walnuts are exceptionally high in calories (100 grams of walnuts brings ~ 600 kcal) so consume them moderately and in little amounts.

Examine out this list by Anabolic Guys if you desire to discover the complete list of finest Nitric Oxide foods. It covers 20 finest nitric oxide foods and the description behind every one.

Take Legitimate Supplements

In a best world, everyone would consume the very best foods all the time, workout every day and sleep 8 hours a day every night. There would be no requirement for supplements.

Alas, we do not life in an ideal world. In some cases we slip, and we screw up our diet plan. Other times we’re simply lazy and do not go to the fitness center for weeks at the time.

That’s where supplements can be found in. Unlike Viagra and other ED tablets, supplements are a natural method to … well, supplement your dietary and workout program.

A few of the very best nitric oxide increasing supplements are Ginseng, Cnidium, and horny Goat Weed.

If you desire much more power in your loins, take a look at my other post about more supplements that will not just increase blood circulation to your penis however likewise assist you last longer in bed.

Practice More

Among the issues with impotence is that your body’s programs leaves whack. Even if you increase blood circulation through the remainder of the body, this does not ensure that this blood will flow to your penis.

The number of professional athletes have impotence? Plenty. Since you have excellent blood circulation through your body does not imply you will treat your erectile dysfunction, simply.

You see, sex is a lot more than a physical act. It’s a psychological and psychological activity that needs your whole body and mind to interact to produce enjoyment for you and your partner.

All the pointers gone over here will enhance blood circulation through your body, you still require to assist get this blood to your penis. To repair this, I recommend getting as much practice as possible.


Getting an erection is a lot like bending a muscle. All you’re doing is shuttling blood into that muscle when you bend your biceps. Attempt it out today, and hold the flex for as long as you can. It’s not that simple!

Getting an erection needs blood circulation to your penis. To obtain much better at “bending” your penis, you have to do it as frequently as possible.

Have you ever seen huge people like Terry Crews who can bend their chest muscles, while a lot of guys cannot? Since they trained their body to send out blood circulation to the muscles, that’s.


How to increase blood flow to your penis



This is how I desire you to think of your erection. It takes mindful shows for your body to understand to send out blood to the penis.

To repair this problem, practice. Have sex as much as possible if you have a sweetheart or other half. I suggest that.

Unless you cannot get it up that much, do not fret. Offset lost sex sessions by masturbating more.

Now, do not go abusing the masturbation excessive. You have actually got to practice edging if you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction.

In other words, edging is where you masturbate up until you get to the edge of orgasm … withdraw … then continue up until you get to that point once again.

Edging is vital for people handling impotence for the exact same factor bending a muscle benefits its size.

Edging keeps you masturbating for twenty or half an hour (or more), and all that blood in your penis will train your body to do the exact same throughout sex.

Practice edging, make love as much as possible, and you’ll be back to having routine erections in no time.

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