How Do Penis Stretchers Work?

do penis stretchers work

How Do Penis Extenders Work

Penis extenders work by using the traction concept.

The traction concept invovles keeping a body part in a “extended” position for extended periods of time.

As an outcome, the body gets utilized to the extended position and activates “cell hyperplasia” to adjust to the environement.

Cell hyperplasia suggests that the cells in the body tissue (in the event the penis), split and replicate, increasing the overall quantity of penis tissue cells.

Completion outcome is unassailable, long-term size gains due to increased penis tissue mass.

Diagram demonstrating how cells replicate in action to utilizing a penis extender.
The traction force triggers penis cells to divide – leading to a net boost in penis tissue mass = physical size boost.

Penis Cellular division due to traction.

A microscopic lense revealing tissue cells dividing in a timelapse. The circle consisting of the cells is the lens frame.

As you can see, tissue development through cellular division is a completely common procedure.

Common that it takes place in every human male’s penis when they’re establishing prior to birth, as well as throughout adolescence.

Exactly what takes place after the age of puberty?

In regards to natural development – you run out luck.

You require a type of stimulus to set off cellular division development.

When it comes to birth and the age of puberty, that activate was a mix of hormonal agents.

For post-puberty? The essential trigger is “traction”.

And the only method to obtain “traction” is with a penis extender.

Penis Extender Types

Rod-based extenders

The old design of penis extender gadgets generally included a noose, spring, and rod system.

When you desire to alter the quantity of force that you desire to use to your penis, particular rods and springs are set up.

When you putting your penis within gadget you slip the base of your glans below the noose and you tighten it to secure it down and hold it in the extended traction position.

case in point of a penis extender gadget
A case in point of a penis extender.

Pulling extenders

Pulling extenders utilize the instinctual nature of pulling to develop the traction force.

Normally, there belongs that grips the top of the penis shaft, and a belt that occurs that anchors to the base of the penis.

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